Smiling Nurse Makes Us Smile: Comment of the Week

In response to the Power of a Smile Diane Friedel wrote:

“This was a great message. I work in a hospital and one of my goals is to make each patient smile. It sometimes changes how they feel to have a laugh. Thanks so much for spreading the love.”

Thank you to Diane who shared the comment above last week on Fox 8’s Facebook page. I hope I never have to be in the hospital, but if I do, I pray that Diane Friedel is on shift! Her comment is a powerful reminder of the many good people in the world who help us, every day, even in some of the toughest environments. I am lifting all of you “healers” in my prayers this week. Thanks so much for the kind words and gracious comments. Keep ‘em coming!

Please let me know how are you making others smile this week? Who makes you smile?

God bless you now and always!

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