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Volunteers show us the path to happiness

Just a few days before the big $1.3 billion Powerball draw, I asked a volunteer in my church what he would do if he won even a smaller amount like a million bucks. His answer was priceless!

But before I tell you what his response was, let me tell you what kind of man he is. He’s the sort of guy who hops on a bus every day at 6:00am and rides it over to the church to volunteer for a whole host of jobs that need support. Chances are if you’ve held the church’s newsletter in your hands, he’s one of the ones who assembled it and mailed it out to you. If you’ve walked on the clean sidewalk outside the church in the dead of winter, he’s the one who shoveled it. If you’ve held a bulletin in your hand on a Sunday morning or at a wedding or even a funeral, he’s the one who carefully folded it and stuffed it full of inserts. If you came to the church to get a bag full of food for you and your family because you were hungry and broke,

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