Say Yes in a world of No: The Power of Easter

What does Easter mean for you? What Easter traditions do you celebrate? My adult mind still conjures up wonderful childhood memories of colorful woven baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and the hardboiled eggs that my family and I colored together. Easter meant going to church tucked into a stiff new suit and then gathering around the dinner table with family afterwards. But as we get older, while we still love many of our Easter traditions, I think we yearn for something more.

For Christians, Easter is the story of a God who loves us so much that not even the grave can keep us apart. When the tomb seemed like the end of the story for Jesus, God wrote another chapter for him, for the world and for us.

In an anxious and fearful world that too often shouts, No! to the abundant life, Easter is God’s great big Yes to hope, freedom and eternal life. Where the world builds up fences, God tears them down. Where the world draws borders, God sees us as one. When the world knocks us down, God lifts us up. When the world says that death is the end,

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Want to be happy? Worry less, love more!

Volunteers show us the path to happiness

Just a few days before the big $1.3 billion Powerball draw, I asked a volunteer in my church what he would do if he won even a smaller amount like a million bucks. His answer was priceless!

But before I tell you what his response was, let me tell you what kind of man he is. He’s the sort of guy who hops on a bus every day at 6:00am and rides it over to the church to volunteer for a whole host of jobs that need support. Chances are if you’ve held the church’s newsletter in your hands, he’s one of the ones who assembled it and mailed it out to you. If you’ve walked on the clean sidewalk outside the church in the dead of winter, he’s the one who shoveled it. If you’ve held a bulletin in your hand on a Sunday morning or at a wedding or even a funeral, he’s the one who carefully folded it and stuffed it full of inserts. If you came to the church to get a bag full of food for you and your family because you were hungry and broke,

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What’s your favorite? Belly Buttons, funny comments and a whole lot of thanks! Season One is a Wrap!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE episode from Season One of Power2ools? If you go by on-line views alone, here are the top three videos watched and shared:

Power of Your Belly Button (Mother’s Day Special): 1865 views
Power of Forgiveness (part 2): 1840 views
Power of Forgiveness (part 1): 1775 views

In total, Power2ools videos were viewed on-line over 27,000 times! The Power of Forgiveness (part 1) generated the most conversation on Facebook with 302 Likes, 24 threads (conversations) and 76 Shares.

One of the funniest comments we received was from “Roger” who, after watching the Power of Knowledge posted: “Donald Trump should watch this!”

Of course, the Power2ools ministry isn’t possible without your prayers and words of encouragement. That’s the power of you . . . and the power of God! So thank you to all of our dear Power2ools friends who subscribed to our Power2ools Youtube channel and Facebook page, posted a simple “Amen” or “thank you” after watching a video, or who shared videos with friends in e-mails and on their Facebook pages. Your kindness is much appreciated.

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Power Studies: Respect

Been Dissed? The Power of Respect

Get Focused

1. Describe a time you felt disrespected. How did you feel?

2. Was there ever a time you clearly disrespected someone else? How did that person respond?

3. Would you say you are a better talker or a better listener?

4. Do you believe you can respect others without first respecting yourself? How do you show self-respect?

Take a Look

5. Watch and Review the Power2ools video: Power of Respect.

By Definition

6. “Respect” comes from the Latin word respicere, which means “to look back at or regard.” In other words, respect, in some ways, means to see or hear others.

In today’s video, Dr. Giuliano says the goal isn’t to win an argument but to find mutual understanding, which comes only when we thoughtfully regard the feelings and positions of others. Do you see or acknowledge the needs, feelings or even presence of others? Who might you be missing? The homeless person on the street who is invisible to many?

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Name That Tune

Can you name the tune in the Power of Knowledge, our Independence Day episode of Power2ools? It sounds very familiar doesn’t it? It should be. This song has been used as a soundtrack for sports teams, inaugural events and a lot television shows and movies including Path to War (2002), Brothers in Arms (2005) and even an episode of the hit TV show, The Simpsons (2007).

This inspirational song was written by one of my favorite composers, one of the greatest American composers of all time, who wrote it for the Cincinnati Orchestra in 1942, just as the United States was entering World War II. Ironically, the first time I ever heard the song, it wasn’t being played by a classical orchestra at all but by the 1970s rock English rock band, Emerson, Lake and Palmer!

Whenever I hear this piece, in my mind, I can see the grand and open spaces of America, the rolling plains and the mighty mountains. Sometimes, I even picture myself standing on a coastal cliff staring out into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. To me, and many others, it is a very patriotic piece and it is the very reason I chose it for our Independence Day themed Power2ools,

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