Power Studies: Respect

Been Dissed? The Power of Respect

Get Focused

1. Describe a time you felt disrespected. How did you feel?

2. Was there ever a time you clearly disrespected someone else? How did that person respond?

3. Would you say you are a better talker or a better listener?

4. Do you believe you can respect others without first respecting yourself? How do you show self-respect?

Take a Look

5. Watch and Review the Power2ools video: Power of Respect.

By Definition

6. “Respect” comes from the Latin word respicere, which means “to look back at or regard.” In other words, respect, in some ways, means to see or hear others.

In today’s video, Dr. Giuliano says the goal isn’t to win an argument but to find mutual understanding, which comes only when we thoughtfully regard the feelings and positions of others. Do you see or acknowledge the needs, feelings or even presence of others? Who might you be missing? The homeless person on the street who is invisible to many? Your colleague at school or work who may need a friend with a listening ear?

What does the Bible say?

7. Read:

8. The Bible (Matthew 7:12) says, “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you.” This is often referred to as the golden rule or the ethic of reciprocity. List five words that describe how you would like others to treat you:

9. Ask God to help you find ways to treat others in those same five ways!

Closing with Prayer

10. Dear Lord, you tell me to treat others as I, myself, would like to be treated. Help me to find ways of showing respect for family and friends, colleagues and even strangers. And when I do, please remind me that I am showing respect for myself and I am showing respect for you. In Jesus name; Amen.

Dr. Mark Giuliano, Pastor
The Old Stone Church, Cleveland



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